Social Workers, Counselors, MFTs

How to Complete a Course

CEmobile has simplified continuing education courses.

[If you simply want to start your course after you have enrolled, one option is to click on Login at the top menu and (1) then enter your email address and password if you have already created an account, OR (2) then sign up as a new customer to create your account.]

Complete your courses online – 24/7 – from any location at any time. If you are in a hurry, CEmobile, LLC allows you to complete your continuing education requirements quickly, the ultimate in convenience.

  • Step 1: After enrolling, click on the Start Your Course button to immediately begin. You will also be sent an email which you can use to start your course. Next click on the Start_Here PDF (which you may then need to find in your Downloads folder). Read the course content at your pace (accessed online and as a downloadable PDF for offline reading on your laptop, tablet or smartphone). *
  • Step 2: Take an online exam based on the course content. If you score 75% or higher, you have passed. We recommend viewing the course content while simultaneously answering the exam questions.
  • Step 3: Complete a course evaluation.
Reminder: Please complete one course before you begin another course (i.e., complete these three steps).

    Upon completing these steps, you will immediately receive by email a printable and downloadable copy of your certificate of completion for your records.

    Don't worry about loosing your certificates! You will have the peace of mind of knowing that we also store your certificates for safekeeping and we will email you a copy at no additional charge. If you complete all of your continuing education requirements with CEmobile, LLC, you know exactly where to find your certificate of completion for every course.

    * Note: Some courses are book-based which means the book must be obtained separately. Also some courses are based on viewing an online video which is included with the course enrollment.